I tried to make a payment to the PFO but Paypal didn’t work. What do I do now?

Unfortunately, technology happens. To submit a payment directly to the KWPFO via Paypal, login to your Paypal account and send your payment to [email protected]. OR you can put your check in the PFO box at Kaiser or Woodland. Please put it in an envelope with your name, student name and what it’s for (e.g. membership, family photo night, enrichment, Kaiser play, etc.)

If I become a Member does that mean I am a volunteer?

No. Your membership dues are your way of supporting the PFO financially. If you’d like to volunteer, we’d like that! Click here for info.

How many forms do I return to school?

One Ice Cream Slip per student!  All Membership payments will happen in our Online Store and will be automatically tracked, however the Ice Cream Slips are added for fun!

Do I pay a membership fee for each child?

Not at all.  Just one membership per family. However, you can choose to sponsor another family. You may do so by selecting “Sponsor a Family” in the membership section of the online store.

If I registered online do I still need to turn in a form to the teacher?

No. There is no need to return anything this year after you pay your Membership Dues online.

When will the ice cream party be for the classes that get 100% participation?

The date will be selected by the Membership Chair and Principals, but usually in the month of October.